We own PZMot homologation and our tracks are built in accordance with safety regulations.

Motocross - sand track

Surface: 100% sand
Length: 1 850 meters
Minimum width: 6 meters
Jumps from 10 do 40 meters and whoops section
Physically demanding
Suitable for both amateurs and professional riders
Its surface allows you to train almost all year round and works well in both dry and wet conditions

Motocross - hard track

Surface: 100% mix of clay and sand
Length: 1 900 meters
Minimum width: 8 meters
Varied jumps from 3 to 40 meters adapted for riders with various levels of experience
Irrigated track

Super Enduro - easy track

Surface: hard
An amateur track, for learning to ride over obstacles
– stones sections
– jump over low tires
– logs – matrix / easy /

Cross Country loop with Hard Enduro elements

A 12-kilometer loop, created for the HERO Challenge 2020 rally.

Super Enduro - professional track

Surface: hard
Track for intermediate and professional riders / PRO riders like Tadeusz Błażusiak or Dominik Olszowy are training here /
– over 10 sections
– many lines

Motocross for kids, PIT BIKES

Surface: medium-hard
Length: 800 meters
Track for kids
A large meadow with bends and “eights” for taking the first steps on the off-road tracks

Enduro test

In the making…